Why we're different

Occasional Connoisseur

The wines we offer at Occasional Connoisseur will be for occasions of moment and significance. Perhaps – in some instances – they will cost a little more than the average wine from the average supermarket, but these are not average wines.

Weddings, engagement parties, graduations, birthdays, seasonal holidays, family reunions, dinner parties…these are the occasions where a special wine can be enjoyed as an inherent part of the celebration itself. The wines will possess a story, a history, some unique aspect to their origin and creation that will become part of the event itself. Details concerning source, production methods, family winegrowers and other elements of the wine’s history and provenance are available on the website.

Occasional Connoisseur is a voyage of discovery into a world of extraordinary wines.

Additionally, with a Connoisseur Occasion Community on our site, we invite you to let us know about your family gatherings, your celebrations and special moments, thereby sharing them with others. We will be posting photographs and anecdotes from our customers, thus creating a community that can share their experiences, their own discoveries, their own memories, and thus engage with other adventurous wine-lovers.

Occasional Connoisseur is not just an on-line wine shop.

Occasional Connoisseur is a voyage of discovery into a world of extraordinary wines.

We extend a warm and heartfelt invitation to join us on that voyage, and we hope your discoveries will be as exciting and enjoyable as our own.

The World Is Our Vineyard
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